Sally Kohn


At a time when Americans have never been more politically divided, Sally Kohn isn’t afraid to have hard conversations. A CNN political commentator and columnist at the Daily Beast, she is widely known as one of the most effective, genuine, and funny pundits on television today. Previously a Fox News contributor — the inspiration for her widely seen TED talk — Sally’s writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, New York Magazine, USA Today, Time, and many other outlets. Her work has been highlighted by outlets ranging from The Colbert Report to the National Review. Her forthcoming book, The Opposite of Hate, was touted by Elizabeth Gilbert as, “A must-read book for all of us at this moment in history.”

The Advocate has ranked Sally as the 35th most influential LGBT person in the media. Though she insists that doesn’t mean she’s the 35th gayest LGBT person in the media (she ranks far higher on that measure!). One of the top progressive communicators in America, Sally is an in-demand speaker at college campuses, business conferences and leadership workshops worldwide. Whether moderating engaging discussions, leading group trainings, or delivering keynote speeches, Sally illuminates current events and big ideas with a humorous touch.

A brilliant public speaker.
—Mount Holyoke
Persuasion cannot happen without the wisdom that comes from understanding.
—Sally Kohn
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