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March 13, 2015

Welcome to The Weekly FRESHness! Every Friday, FRESH will be sharing a round-up of articles, videos and other goodies that we love that week, as well as the latest pieces and news from our speakers.  (Edited by our amazing administrative assistant, Mara Meyers.) We’re kicking off this first week with reflections on the 50th anniversary of Selma, (the neverending problem of) diversity in tech, and traveling tips for conference goers.

What we’ve been checking out…

Why is it important to incorporate the insights and experiences of people who see the world from different angles into medical research? Ruha Benjamin schools us in this terrific TEDxBaltimore talk.

The 2015 TED Conference is next week. Packing for a conference that includes famous people, cold weather, and the need for lots of confidence can be harder than you think.

Also, what to wear to TED to go viral. 

Following Intel’s investment of $300 million towards diversity efforts, Apple announced its own investment of $50 million aimed at diversifying tech. Who’s next?

As you probably know, we love organizations that support and empower young girls. Here’s a list of four non-profits (and a rad conference) that focus on supporting and uplifting the voices of black girls.

We’re always impressed by those mothers (and fathers) who take on the world–and then some. But how can conferences best support these superhuman parents who are also public speakers?

This week’s Twitter kudos goes to Maximilian Weylandt for providing some #realtalk about Oxford Literary Festival’s lack of diversity. (If you check out their speaker/author roster, it gets much worse.)

What’s new from the FRESH crew…

We couldn’t be more thrilled for Zerlina Maxwell, who was invited to take a trip on Air Force One (no joke) with President Obama to celebrate Selma, where her grandfather marched 50 years ago. Check out her reflections of the day.

On the same topic, Brittney Cooper shares in Salon how while the president reflected in Selma on progress made since Bloody Sunday, the reality of today’s racial climate may not be so optimistic.

If you do a lot of public speaking and are a parent, this will be really useful for you: FRESH partners Courtney and John give us 10 tips on flying with a baby.

For an industry that prides itself on innovation, the Ellen Pao case reminds us that the tech world still feels more like an “old boys club.” Samhita Mukhopadhyay illuminates in Fusion.

Although the appointment of a Special Envoy for LGBT Human Rights drew much praise from U.S. LGBT activists, there are reasons to be a bit skeptical of this new initiative. Bisi Alimi explains why.

Jimmie Briggs talks to HuffPost Live on the male feminist movement to end violence against women.

Okay, we’re kind of cheating since this was last week, but we’re so proud of amazing Emily May and Hollaback!’s Hollarev event, which was a huge success (despite the massive snowstorm in NYC that day). Check out the video of the whole event.



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