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May 15, 2015

Edited by Mara Meyers

This week we’re sharing our new favorite Tumblr, more solutions for online harassment, and some hard truths about why getting your nails done has consequences for feminism.

What we’ve been checking out…

We can’t get enough of this hilarious Tumblr that calls out all-male panels. Nothing like getting a diversity of opinions.

Following an embarrassing call-out moment at SXSW from the head of their very own unconscious bias program, Google is now investing $150 million in diversity efforts.

Maternity wear–or should we say alternity wear–has finally opened its doors to gender non-conforming styles.

After months of evidence and articles about extreme gender discrimination in Hollywood, the ACLU is taking up the fight to investigate and end what they call “rampant and intention discrimination bias”.

When talking about race, here are 8 truths that all white people should know.

What’s new from our FRESH crew…

Sesame Street did more than teach us our ABCs and 123s. Sarika Bansal’s latest on Medium shows how the show taught us how to cope with some hard life lessons.

Why are some Somalians risking their lives to leave Somalia? Mohamed Ali explains in The New York Times.

These iconic images challenge stereotypes about LGBTQ people of color. Julie Zeilinger explores Garcia Roman’s photographic series in Mic.

Aaron Hurst shares some tips on how to find purpose at work.

Jamia Wilson’s organization, Women Action and the Media, just released a report that shows us what online harassment looks like and what we can do to change it.

Ann Friedman talks all things PMS, bloating, cramps, menstruation, moods, and why it could be alright to admit that periods have an impact on women’s lives.

Latoya Peterson discusses the double-standard of stand your ground laws.

Brittney Cooper proves why a recent racist outburst by the founder of an Atlanta school is unfortunately not an anomaly.

Bisi Alimi urges the World Bank to do more for gay rights.

After the recent New York Times expose on the exploitation of manicurists, Samhita Mukhopadhyay wrote about how this phenomenon also exposes some hard truths about mainstream feminism and the labor market.

Mychal Denzel Smith talks the Baltimore uprising and why we should abolish the police, on the Matthew Filipowicz show.


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