The Weekly ReFRESH

October 23, 2015

This week’s reFRESH includes a fight against the gender pay gap in Hollywood, the pros and perils of public speaking, and some scary stats about the state of violence against black women in America.

What we’ve been checking out…

Teachers of color comprise just 17% of the total teaching workforce. Why that stat is not okay and how we can go about changing it.

Bradley Cooper is stepping up and demanding better pay for women in Hollywood. Now we’re wondering when other male celebs are going to follow suit?

These three black women are the brains and architects behind Black Lives Matter. Bask in some of their black girl magic in Cosmo’s latest.

This equation proves why it is actually mathematically impossible to “randomly” select all-male panels. Implicit biases anyone?

This week’s Dear Diary for Rookie Magazine explores the pros and perils of public speaking in real life and online.

Twitter recruited more women to attend their developers conference this year. Although this kind of diversity is great we’re left wondering what representation on the panels looked like?

The latest from our speakers…

Bisi Alimi comments on the economic consequences of homophobia.

Brittney Cooper highlights a stat we aren’t discussing: once every 21 hours a black woman is the victim of a fatal intra-racial crime by a male perp.

Who counts as a “real” gamer? And why are so many women resistant to the word? Latoya Peterson’s new web series for Fusion explores the girl gamer world.

Edited by Mara Meyers

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