The Weekly reFRESH: The problem with “diversity”

January 29, 2016

Edited by Mara Meyers

Following the rise of the #OscarSoWhite hashtag, this week’s reFRESH focuses on a highly discussed – and critiqued – word this week: diversity. We’ve also got a hard look at sexual assault coverage in the media, and a take on Macklemore’s new song on privilege.

What we’ve been checking out…

Ava DuVernay believes we need to ditch the “medicinal” word diversity. Instead, she offers more meaningful alternatives that tackle the root of the problem.

Who’s to blame for the lack of diversity in Hollywood films? According to a new lawsuit from Charles Lenhoff, talent agencies are the cause of the problem.

When you use the word “diverse” to describe an individual you depersonalize them and limit their humanity.

Even Barbie is getting a “diversity” makeover. But when changes are driven by capitalism, the results are more superficial than revolutionary.

The sexist stories in these vintage ads is freakishly similar to the sexist representation of women in the media today. Clearly the design world needs a healthy dose of feminism.

The latest from our speakers…

One of our co-founders, Courtney Martin, adds to the diversity debate. What does #TokenismLooksLike to you?  

You can now listen to Bisi Alimi’s compelling story ‘My Friend Ibrahim’ on The Moth.

Latoya Peterson offers a critique of the film Equity and why simply having female leads does equal female empowerment.

Macklemore’s new song about white privilege might be mediocre, but that doesn’t mean the message isn’t important. Jamil Smith urges all white people to table their judgement and give it a listen.

Jamia Wilson had a conversation with Gloria Steinem and other powerhouse feminists to discuss the ERA and the fragility of the “American Dream”.  

In an honest interview on Rookie, Reshma Saujani talks motherhood, starting Girls Who Code, and why it’s really (really) important to fail.

A single story, a perfect victim: Julie Zeilinger on Emma Sulkowicz and media narratives of sexual assault.

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