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March 25, 2016

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This week we’re sharing a design strategy that prioritizes human equity over market value, a groundbreaking caucus, and how conservatives are struggling with “white identity politics” (yep, you read that right).

What we’ve been checking out…

For the first time ever, congress will form a caucus that prioritizes Black women and girls and it’s a pretty big freakin’ deal. Huge congrats to the #SheWoke committee for pushing to make this happen.

#Realtalk: Donald Trump embodies the white supremacy and male entitlement that has been bubbling in the Republican party for years.

Only a man could forget when women ruled tennis.

Black girls are punished in school at a higher rate than Black boys and their untold stories need to be heard.

Durham created a new hub for entrepreneurs that has the potential to be the inclusive Silicon Valley.

With all the talk about valuing diversity, a new study reveals that women and minorities are actually penalized for promoting their own community.

The elitism of academia trickles down and creates a system of exclusion in the literary world – those consequences are important.

No one ever thought there would be a day when white people would debate over “white identity politics” but that day has finally come.

ReFRESHing Talk of the Week: Adam Foss’ stirring TED Talk points to an unexpected ally within our failing criminal justice system: the prosecutor in the courtroom.

The latest from our speakers…

On Twitter’s 10th anniversary Jamia Wilson debated the platform’s issues with freedom of speech and online harassment.

We absolutely love seeing our FRESH fam collaborate: Ann Friedman interviewed Chris Downey on how he designs multi-sensory spaces.

We’re so proud to see Tiq Milan featured on this list of 16 extraordinary Black trans leaders you need to know.

Speaker Spotlight: To put it simply, Tiffany Dufu is a badass. As our resident Leadership Luminary, her expertise is in inspiring women and girls to step into their power.

Krista Donaldson questions the benefits of “frugal and reverse innovation” approaches to design. Instead, she proposes a new take on innovation that focuses less on market strategies and more on human equity.

Bisi Alimi explains what it means to be gay in Nigeria, and why it’s so hard to fully be something you cannot see.

In an interview with Sayfty, Emily May discusses empowerment, the Hollaback! team, and how reading Susan B. Anthony’s biography set her up to be a baby feminist.

Jamil Smith writes about the importance of Obama’s trip to Cuba and how his presence shines a spotlight on the country’s ongoing struggle with human-rights.

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