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April 8, 2016

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This week, we’re sharing tips on how to get your startup funded if you’re a female entrepreneur, The Gap’s blatant (and disgusting) use of tokenization in its most recent ad, and that moment when your mom becomes your online troll.

What we’ve been checking out…

Not all stories are promoted equally, but a year after YouTube was publicly challenged on failing to further Black talent, things may be starting to change.

Cities are the new playground for “moneyed, childless whites.”

The silent role that a Black girl plays in The Gap’s most recent ad speaks volumes about tokenism.

A Facebook user who shared a men’s rights post got publicly shamed by his mom and it’s the best example of trolling ever.

It’s important to recognize why certain stories are being told, recorded and preserved and why some are completely left out.

Awesome conference alert: The Black Girls Movement conference will hold open and honest conversations about race while centering the stories of Black girls.

ReFRESHing talk of the week: How can we be a more accepting society? By walking towards our biases, not away from them.

The latest from our speakers…

Speaker Spotlight: Catherine Bracy is someone who stands at the intersection of tech, diversity, and politics and she’s no stranger to challenging the homogeneity of Silicon Valley.

We’re proud and unsurprised to see Brittney Cooper on this list of academics behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

On this week’s Breaking Through with Krista Rowe-Finkbeiner, Mia Birdsong discusses how family in America is in the midst of a renaissance not a decline.

Tired of sexism in Silicon Valley preventing you from getting your startup funded? Ann Friedman has found the secret for female entrepreneurs: simply re-brand your product and tell investors your startup is for men.

When it comes to raising the minimum wage, Jamil Smith urges HIllary Clinton to listen to activists.

We know that President Obama’s visit to Cuba was a historic move, but Asha Castleberry explains how his trip set an important standard for our next president to maintain.

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