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April 15, 2016

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This week we’re reading about the nasty in last night’s debate, a new version of fatherhood, and why the pay gap problem begins in middle school.

What we’ve been checking out…

Did you watch the Democratic primary debate last night? Rebecca Traister on how the competition between Hillary and Bernie has been taking an ugly turn.

Equal Pay Day may bring attention to wage discrimination in the workplace, but there’s another less visible labor gap that’s hurting women worldwide.

Constraints around masculinity are lessening, and with that comes a new definition of fatherhood.

It’s time to unravel the myth of the monolithic black vote.

Props to the two courageous women who initiated Salesforce’s salary audit. But we’re still left wondering: when will the onerous task of seeking pay equity not fall on the back’s of women and people of color?

This in depth look at online trolls, exposes the very real emotional, professional, and personal consequences behind the phrase ‘don’t read the comments’.

A simple redistribution of resources won’t solve income inequality. Cultural values of worth and work must also be changed.

ReFRESHing Talk of the Week: Annie Griffiths proves the power in photography as a medium for change, because as she says, “If we want women to be valued, we have to show their value.”

The latest from our speakers…

How do we fight back against trolling and create an Internet where women and people of color can feel safe and heard? Jamia Wilson believes it begins with more research.

What’s Zerlina Maxwell’s message to millennials? If you supported Obama, than you should be supporting Hillary Clinton.

Tiq Milan and his wife Kim Katrin Milan get personal about their evolving relationship to identity, community engagement, and resilience.

The sexual assault movement has been around for centuries (yes – centuries!). Julie Zeilinger shares six facts you need to know about this prolific movement.

Badass ladyboss Ann Friedman discusses her bestie, podcast and favorite feminist writer.

Speaker Spotlight: As our resident Captain Badass, Asha Castleberry certainly lives up to her title. With a recent 30-month deployment in the Middle East under her belt, she’s a woman who isn’t afraid to lead.

Racism and the death penalty go hand-in-hand. Jamil Smith reiterates that any strategy to end racism must include an abolishment of the death penalty.

Dena Simmons comments on the impact and limitations social-emotional learning has inside and outside the classroom.


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