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April 6, 2018

FRESH Live presents In With the New

Art by Jessi Arrington

Written by Jackson Bird. 

This week we’re celebrating the launch of our first-ever conference “FRESH Live: In With The New” and spotlighting people and organizations who exemplify “the new” that we’re seeing emerge today.

On June 5, 2018 in New York City, we’ll gather our speakers and special guests for our first-ever conference, “FRESH Live: In With The New.” It will be a day of cutting-edge conversationsfrom science to fashion, from gender equality to afrofuturism, from policy to protesting youth.

FRESH: Live manifests the mission of FRESH Speakers onto the main stagethat learning from a wider variety of humans makes for a smarter, more equitable world. Our goal is not only to create catalytic conversation between some of the most talented leaders we know, but also model what it looks like to convene and host gatherings that embody the principles of inclusion and belongingnot just tick diversity boxes, or preach to the usual choir.

Limited early-bird tickets are available now! We hope to see you there!

What we’re checking out…

As amazing a line-up of speakers as FRESH: Live will have, there are plenty more people around the world who are similarly ushering in “the new.” Here are some of our favorites from the past week:

Thirty-four senior female investors just joined together to found All Raise, a nonprofit dedicated to diversity in funders. Check out their list of initiatives and learn how you can get involved to make the funding world more equitable to all genders.

Roxane Gay has a brand new pop-up magazine on Medium. This month only, a phenomenal line-up of writers will be sharing their relationships to their bodies; following the cultural, psychological, and scientific discussion started in Gay’s Hunger.

Rebecca Calisi organized forty-five other mothers-in-science to combat the patriarchal environment and make academic conference spaces more inclusive of and welcoming to mothers.

Youngest-ever mayor of Stockton, California, Michael Tubbs, is on a mission to eradicate poverty in his city by implementing a form of basic income.

Why is there so little social and medical support for the fourth trimester? Allison Yarrow shares her experiences and some suggested solutions in our reFRESHing Talk of the Week.

The latest from our speakers…

Mychal Denzel Smith and Jamil Smith both wrote excellent pieces examining the myth and the man that is Martin Luther King Jr. Read Mychal’s here and Jamil’s here.

Linda Sarsour also got a little MLK Day shout out from Ben & Jerry’s on their list of activists who are continuing Marting Luther King Jr.’s work.

Showing that work, last week Linda Sarsour launched #LoveAMuslimDay to counter and overtake the proposed #PunishAMuslim Day that was planned by Islamophobic bigots. You can read her statement on the movement here.

Sally Kohn has been all over our screens lately with promo for her upcoming book The Opposite of Hate. Our favorites include this shout out from Lance Bass and this video for Mic of her reading her hate comments to alpacas.

Alaa Murabit published a piece in Project Syndicate on how education is vital to healing war-torn communities.

Tiffany Dufu’s latest Tiffany’s Epiphanies is about rising above your social anxiety in professional situations.

Zubaida Bai appeared on the podcast Skunks and Soap to discussion the origin story of her company ayzh.

Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, Jackson Bird launched season two of his podcast, Transmissionwhich shares the stories of transgender people on their own terms.

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