October 2018


How to Support Trans People, Now and Later – The reFRESH

Photo via Samy Nemir Olivares Written by Jackson Bird.  This week we’re saying hell no to the memo, standing with transgender people, and wondering when this newsletter turned into a series of dystopian reports. What we’re checking out… Before we dive into the topic at hand, here’s some other news from the week: Twelve pipe bombs have […]

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We Won’t Back Down – The reFRESH

Art by Kimothy Joy Written by Jackson Bird.  This week we’re cleansing our brains from the horror show of the Senate Judiciary hearings by focusing on stories of empowered women and badass girls. What we’re checking out… Elle has a new column called Fired Up!, which explores women’s rage. We particularly enjoyed this recent piece by Mara Wilson […]

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