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August 2, 2019

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Written by Jackson Bird

This week we scoured the web for anything not about the Democratic Primary Debates. Yes, we all watched to stay informed and many of our speakers had excellent commentary (check out their tweets), but at this point we all need to refresh our minds with other news.

What we’re checking out…

Speaking of being overwhelmed by the week’s news, our Co-Founder and Chief Talent Officer Courtney Martin has some excellent advice for staying informed without getting burnt out.

Long read of the week: This case study of Mic and what its downfall can tell us about the rest of the digital journalism sphere.

Maybe the future of journalism is earnestness and poise, like the kind eleven-year-old journalist Jaden Jefferson brings to the table. He’s taken the media world by storm this week and for good reason. Check out his reporting on Twitter.

For more feel-good journalism, have you seen Prince Harry’s interview with Jane Goodall for Vogue? Even while tackling the climate crisis and unconscious bias, it’s perfectly delightful.

In true power couple fashion, the Duchess of Sussex also has a piece in the September issue of Vogue, interviewing none other than Michelle Obama. The two sat down over tacos to discuss motherhood, maturity, and the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

Ok maybe just one tangentially-related article about the debate. We love this New York Times Opinion piece from Melanye Price in response to Senator Kirsten Gillbrand about how racism is about white people.

Our reFRESHing Talk of the Week isn’t exactly a talk, but rather Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert this week on NPR. Between her powerful vocals and charismatic command of the space in between songs, Lizzo took us to dang church. If anything is refreshing us after two long nights of debates, it’s this.

The latest from our speakers…

Alaa Murabit has been nominated for a MAX Award for Woman of the Year. You can vote for her to win until August 15th!

Franklin Leonard’s The Black List last week helped launch The Latinx List, featuring promising screenplays written by Latinx writers that explore the Latinx experience.

Elle Hearns’ Marsha P. Johnson Institute announced The Marsha P. Johnson Safety and Wellness Act, which will create resources, programs, and other interventions that center the needs of black trans women.

Susan McPherson was on The Pitch Factor this week discussing taking a stand as a company or business leader.

T. Morgan Dixon shared her insights on health and culture change with Ashoka’s Future Of… series.

Anna Sale is back from maternity leave and has returned as the host of Death, Sex, & Money. Listen to the latest episode on Americans’ relationship to alcohol.

Jamil Smith got to nerd out with Cory Booker at San Diego Comic-Con and wrote about why the senator was there for Rolling Stone.

After three years and over 800 stories, Sarika Bansal’s BRIGHT Magazine is closing its doors. Read her farewell essay here.

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