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May 14, 2021

Illustration from We Are More, an art series that celebrates the resilience and range of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Written by Crystal Duan

This week, we’re thinking about the hard things calling on our courage at this moment, like the devastating violence happening in Jerusalem and Gaza,  the difference between guilt and shame, corporate social responsibility and more. The good news is, there’s a book for that! 

What we’re checking out…

Vox gives a comprehensive breakdown on what’s happening in Gaza and Israel (and why). Also read Linda Sarsour’s powerful story on Instagram with a personal account during a family trip to Jerusalem, and Alaa Murabit’s call to end our silence. 

The New York Times explained what the new guidelines on mask-wearing should be now that much of the country is getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Shayla Love writes for Vice with an additional perspective of how, and why, some people will have a hard time letting go of the masks

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Los Angeles Times is asking for your stories of experienced microaggressions against  Asian Americans living in the U.S. 

Leadership Now CEO Daniella Ballou-Aares writes in Fast Company about how  companies can take principled action to oppose discriminatory policies that enable voter suppression.

Khalsa Aid International has resources on how you can donate to help the mounting COVID-19 crisis in India. 

Black journalists make up only 6.56% of newsroom staff and leadership, yet their voices are critical to balanced, nuanced reporting. Support or apply to the Black Journalists Therapy Relief Fund. 

California Sen. Alex Padilla talks about the crucial role immigrant workers play in America — especially as essential workers — in his latest defense of immigrant rights as an “economic boost.”

Artwork credit to @alex.albadree

Our reFRESHing Talk of the Week is this TED talk from June Tangney that delineates the difference between guilt and shame.

A big takeaway: Crippling shame is going to inhibit you from changing – but constructive guilt can motivate you to take action for the better.

The latest from our speakers…

Meanwhile, we’ve got lots of exciting book news from our speakers. Anna Sale just released hers, “Let’s Talk About Hard Things,” which makes the argument that “when we have the courage to talk about hard things, we learn about ourselves, others, and the world that we make together.” 

photo by Anna Sale

Veronica Chambers’ book,  ‘Call and Response,’ a new book introducing children to the Black Lives Matter movement, is now available for presale.

Sarika Bansal’s book, “Tread Brightly: Notes on Ethical Travel”, is now available for pre order.

Ai-jen Poo was featured in the New York Times’ piece on the incorporation of child care into policymaking as crucial to economic infrastructure.

Susan McPherson’s new book, “The Lost Art of Connecting,” was featured on Katie Couric’s website this week.

Aisha Nyandoro is giving the Stanford Arrow Lecture on May 26 on upsetting the setup through human dignity with Michael Tubbs. 


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