Established in 2014, FRESH represents the next generation shaping 21st century thinking – and action – with fresh ideas and groundbreaking work.

From ideas
to action

Our speakers don’t just share great ideas, but compel people to action. From an ER doctor igniting violence prevention work in Brooklyn, to a YouTube influencer demystifying the transgender experience, to a mother and engineer who designed a birthing kit impacting 1 million lives across the globe, our speakers provide perspectives you’ve never heard, and deliver catalytic talks to generate true awe – and impact.

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Thought leadership,

We’re uncovering the brilliant new leaders who are shaping the 21st century. For too long, speakers have derived authority from fancy titles, overhyped books, and relationships formed within elite institutions and events. This outdated and homogenous culture not only breeds boredom and myopic thinking, but also reinforces structural inequalities. It’s time to ensure that all great speakers have a place at the podium.

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Our investment
runs deep

To be blunt: doing awesome work doesn’t necessarily make you an awesome speaker. That’s why we not only represent our speakers, but invest in them. We help speakers find their voice, and wake up to their own power, so they can deliver authentic and compelling talks that will leave a lasting imprint on their audience.

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FRESH Speakers, Inc. is a next-generation speakers bureau, uniquely representing women and people of color--two groups historically left off the public stage. Our speakers range from business leaders to artists, scientists to athletes. They have given ground-breaking TED talks and written best-selling books, but, more importantly, their wisdom comes from real world, lived experiences. FRESH speakers routinely grace the world's biggest thought leadership stages, host nonprofit benefits, and keynote Fortune 100 corporate retreats, university lecture series, leading tech conferences, grassroots organizing convenings, and countless other venues, the world over.
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