We’re an “if not us, who?” kind of crew.

Here’s the truth: we got sick of hearing ourselves complain. As we traveled the conference circuit, we’d often frown about the overwhelming whiteness of panels, tweet about dude-only line-ups, and shake our heads at hearing yet another well-known author repeat the same stale idea from coast to coast. And yet, we also know how hard it can be to curate a really kick-ass conference. Collectively, we’ve collaborated with some of the most celebrated event hosts in the world, including The Aspen Institute and TED. Which is why we didn’t just want to point fingers; we wanted to make things better. FRESH is our grand experiment in making the public conversation a hell of a lot more interesting.

We also like each other a lot.

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer Vanessa Valenti is a New York City-born and based entrepreneur, writer, and speaker, who cut her teeth co-founding the award-winning online feminist publication, Feministing.com, in 2004. She went on to co-found Valenti Martin Media, a movement-building and communications consultancy that collaborates with social change organizations worldwide. Watch her TED talk, “The problem with public speaking.” Vanessa lives in New York, with her husband, daughter, and two cats, Cracker and Tweet. More >>

Speaker Agent Joshunda Sanders is a Bronx native and author of four books, including The Beautiful Darkness: A Handbook for Orphans and How Racism and Sexism Killed Traditional Media: Why the Future of Journalism Depends on Women and People of Color. She teaches a course she designed called Writing Toward Inclusion–which orients the foundation of excellent nonfiction writing in the visionary scholarship of the queer Black feminist pioneers of the Combahee River Collective–as a member of the part-time faculty in the First Year Writing Program at The New School. More >>

Co-founder & Chief Talent Officer Courtney Martin was born and raised in Colorado Springs, and has been called “one of our most insightful culture critics and one of our finest young writers” by Parker Palmer. Her writing has been described as “varied, transformational, and necessary for us all” by Jane Fonda. A two-time TED speaker, she is the author of multiple books, an advisor to the Obama Foundation and The Aspen Institute, co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network, co-founder of Valenti Martin Media, and a proud momma. More >>

Systems Coordinator & Speaker Agent Laura Bertocci is bicoastal — raised in New Jersey, she’s called Los Angeles her home for nearly a decade. Laura strives to connect underrepresented voices with the resources they need. Working often at the intersection of journalism and community, Laura helps newsrooms and news professionals share knowledge, support each other, and evolve the industry while occasionally writing, editing, or photographing the news herself (in fact, she can perform just about any function in a newsroom). More >>

Social Media Director Jackson Bird, a Texan-raised New Yorker, is a YouTuber, writer, FRESH Speaker, and all-around digital activist. He spent eight years organizing first-time activists through a pop culture lens with the Harry Potter Alliance and now focuses primarily on demystifying the transgender experience through his videos and podcast. Over 1 million people have viewed his TED talk, “How to talk (and listen) to transgender people.” A former TED Resident and YouTube NextUp Creator, Jackson spends his spare time hosting pub quizzes, watching documentaries, and working on his debut novel. More >>

Robert Chamberlain

Speaker Agent Robert Chamberlin is an Atlantan who grew up in a military family, born in Germany and moved from coast to coast of the USA several times as a child. Robert is an artist, currently obsessed with using porcelain to cement ephemeral queer artifacts into historical icons. Robert is passionate about sharing his knowledge and teaches whenever the opportunity arises

Crystal Duan

Executive Assistant Crystal Duan is a Portland-raised, Midwest-bred writer based in Los Angeles. She went to school in Missouri for investigative journalism, living in 8 states in 4 years. Now, Crystal devotes her experiences as a political reporter, writer and researcher to empowering marginalized communities. She is also passionate about social justice organizing, the intersection of psychology and spirituality, and philosophizing about meme culture.


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