FRESH Speakers Academy is a digital training program on the art and business of public speaking and thought leadership.

It’s simple: The most impactful leaders are highly effective communicators. Being able to skillfully share your story and work is one of the most powerful ways you can support the issues you lead and champion.

About the Academy

FRESH Speakers Academy is a 6-month long training program that follows the arc of developing a successful public speaking practice.

Our goal isn’t just to teach you how to be a great public speaker — but also how to build out a vibrant thought leadership practice. Teaching someone how to speak on a stage has little real world impact if you don’t know how to get on it, and know what to ask for once you’re there.

What you get in your membership

The program includes three core components:

    •  ONLINE COURSES – You will have access to twenty 20-30 minute courses, taught by some of the most impactful leaders in the world.  Think about it as a Masterclass on thought leadership, where members create a toolbox of assets they can utilize over and over again — including a short TED-style talk, a soulful elevator pitch, a plan to leverage your public speaking for fundraising, and much more.
    •  PERSONALIZED COACHING – You’ll receive coaching from one of the nation’s best experts along the way, providing direct feedback on your assets and helping you keep track of your goals.
    •  ACCESS TO SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES – Upon graduation, you’ll received a certificate of completion and be inducted into The FRESH Directory, a catalog of public speakers that channels members directly into the inboxes of event and media curators.

Other perks include becoming part of our powerful community of changemakers, peer coaching sessions, monthly conversation series, and more.

About the team 

In addition to running a speakers bureau, we are also TED speakers, authors, award-winning writers, and have coached over a dozen high profile institutions across the globe, like TED Conferences, The Obama Foundation, and The Gates Foundation. We have coached many main stage TED speakers, with cumulative views exceeding 50 million.

How to know if the Academy is for you

Applications are now open to a select number of institutional partners for the Fall class of 2022. Ideal partners are social change organizations, foundations, and companies that host fellowship, grantee, or leadership development programs and think this opportunity would be beneficial for the leaders you support. 

Learn more about joining our vibrant community of leaders making a mark in the world.


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FRESH Speakers, Inc. is a next-generation speakers bureau, uniquely representing women and people of color--two groups historically left off the public stage. Our speakers range from business leaders to artists, scientists to athletes. They have given ground-breaking TED talks and written best-selling books, but, more importantly, their wisdom comes from real world, lived experiences. FRESH speakers routinely grace the world's biggest thought leadership stages, host nonprofit benefits, and keynote Fortune 100 corporate retreats, university lecture series, leading tech conferences, grassroots organizing convenings, and countless other venues, the world over.
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