Shankar AG

Shankar AG

Worker Wellbeing Whisperer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Global Economics


Shankar serves as Associate Director at Swasti, a global public health organization that incubates innovative and scalable solutions in partnership with communities and partners. It also influences policies nationally and internationally. Over the past 15 years, Shankar has been involved in research, system building and institutionalizing caring culture in supply chains that created pathways for thousands of workers to experience wellbeing at workplaces. Shankar has worked in a variety of development sector organizations, including at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. He is passionate about public health, gender equity, women’s empowerment and worker wellbeing. 

Shankar speaks about the gap between women’s contribution to society and how little society takes care of them. He brings in an honest and real experience of how investing in working women’s wellbeing can lead to social return on investment for both workers and business.


Public health

Gender equity

Women’s empowerment

Worker wellbeing

Shankar is a wonderful and skilled leader with a track record for fostering collaboration, social impact, and working with empathy. As a long-time partner to the Levi Strauss Foundation and Levi Strauss & Co., we have been fortunate to work together towards our mutual goal of improving the lives of garment workers across the supply chain. His passion for women's empowerment and innovation has been a tremendous contribution to our overall efforts.
- Kimberly Almeida, Director of Programs, Levi Strauss Foundation
Shankar is passionate advocate well-being of workers in various settings. He brings a unique combination of passion, purpose and patience - needed to solve complex problems. He is a versatile leader with a range of skills - strategy, implementation, research and policy-making which usually do not reside in a single professional. All of this, he brings to the fore by being humble and inclusive. When he speaks softly, we should listen carefully; as it flows from insights of years of hardcore experience and listeners will gain immensely.
- Shiv Kumar, Co-Founder of the Catalyst Group

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