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Antwi Akom


Antwi Akom is an expert at turning adversity into opportunity as well as a world-renowned thought leader on issues of urban acupuncture–which focuses on people powered place-making, design for the public good, and making cities and schools smarter, more equitable, just, and sustainable.
Named as a 21st Century Eco-visionary by the Partnership for Democracy & Education, Antwi has also been an Echoing Green and Knight News Challenge Finalist, winner of the Robert Woods Johnson Health Award, and recipient of other honors from San Francisco State University, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Antwi’s most recent enterprise, Streetwyze is a mobile platform that unleashes the power of local knowledge to solve some of our world’s greatest problems through bottom-up innovation. Although Antwi is internationally recognized for his work, more than anything he is a brilliant place-maker. His real genius is enabling people with different values to work together towards the common good. He has spoken alongside legendary place-makers, including Jack Dorsey, Majora Carter, Jan Gehl, Deepak Chopra, David Brooks, Angela Davis, and Grace Lee Boggs. His speeches are powerful, thought-provoking, humorous, full of swag, and always leave his audiences more mindful, informed, empowered, and inspired. His media appearances include the PBS News Hour, NPR, and KPFA.

If we are successful innovating our way out of poverty, it will be because of amazing leaders like Antwi Akom.
- Rick Fedrizzi, Co-founder & CEO, U.S. Green Building Council

Our ghettos, our slums, our barrios are hotbeds of innovation that can help us imagine and reimagine safer, smarter, and more sustainable cities.
- Antwi Akom
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