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Chloe McKenzie

Wealth Equalizer

Founder, BlackFem, On a Wealth Kick
New York, NY

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Chloe McKenzie is fighting wealth inequality with down-to-earth, fierce, and funny financial literacy.

After working as a mortgage trader at J.P. Morgan and later a wealth adviser, Chloe decided to channel what she learned into activist and entrepreneurial ventures that would help her live her mission: to empower historically marginalized people to take financial control of their lives. She founded BlackFem, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal of transforming school-based learning so that girls of color are empowered with skills, habits, and resources to build and sustain wealth. To date, BlackFem has helped over 15,000 students in 12 states.

In Chloe’s other venture, On A Wealth Kick, LLC (OWK), she combats wealth inequality by advising banks and financial institutions interested in incorporating financial inclusion practices. Her ultimate goal? Revolutionize the financial services industry and education system. (Did we also mention she’s only 26 years old?)

A dynamic and passionate orator, Chloe speaks at top organizations and institutions within the financial services industry to advocate for wealth justice, and help them address wealth challenges for their employees and the communities they serve.

We must commit to a deeper understanding of what wealth really is. Start seeing wealth inequality as an issue of power, not paychecks.
--Chloe McKenzie

Chloe McKenzie has combined her own personal experience, her passion for helping those who are underserved and her commitment to improving financial literacy to deliver a powerful and important message that every financial services firm needs to here and act upon.
--Suzanne Siracuse, CEO of Investment News


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