Jackson Bird


A Texan-raised New Yorker, Jackson Bird is a YouTuber, writer, and all-around digital activist. He spent eight years organizing first-time activists through a pop culture lens with the Harry Potter Alliance and now focuses primarily on demystifying the transgender experience through his videos and podcast, Transmission.

As a YouTube NextUp Creator, you can usually find Jack on his channel, schooling the masses on LGBTQ issues, and answering the age-old question, “Will It Waffle?” And his work hasn’t gone unnoticed: In 2015, he was a LogoTV Social Trailblazer nominee, and a finalist for Forbes 30 Under 30. Jack is young, but he’s no novice to the stage: Over 1 million people have viewed his TED talk, “How to talk (and listen) to transgender people.” He speaks about online culture, transgender rights, and social justice at other events like TEDxYouth and San Diego Comic-Con, and his videos have been featured on BuzzFeedUpworthy, The Huffington PostMashable, Daily Dot, and more. His biggest wish is to one day be recruited by the Avengers–but we think he’s a superhero all on his own.

Bird might be one of the YouTubers with the biggest mainstream influence right now, if you know where to look.
- Rae Votta, Daily Dot

The Harry Potter fan community strives for inclusion, acceptance, and understanding. Harkening to Harry's own morals, we don't just tolerate those different from the mainstream, we befriend them, we love them, and we protect them.
- Jackson Bird
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