Simran Jeet Singh

Recognized among Time Magazine’s 16 people fighting for a more equal America, Dr. Simran Jeet Singh is Director of the The Aspen Institute’s Inclusive America Project and  author of The Light We Give: The Power of Sikh Wisdom to Transform Your Life (Riverhead / Penguin Random House, 2022). He is also Senior Adviser of Diversity and Inclusion for YSC Consulting, a Visiting Professor at Union Seminary, a 2020 Equality Fellow for the Open Societies Foundation and the best-selling author of Fauja Singh Keeps Going (Penguin Random House).

Growing up as a turban-wearing, brown-skinned, beard-loving Sikh in South Texas, Simran learned early that marginalized groups will not lecture their way into dignity and that empathy is truly built when people get to know each other as human beings. This realization is what brought him into the deep work of empathy-building as an approach for personal development and social change.

Simran is now a highly sought-out speaker on diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and anti-racism. His thought leadership extends across corporate, university, and government settings, and his work has been featured in various outlets, including NPR, CNN, BBC, TIME, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Simran connects with a diversity of audiences by bantering on Twitter (where he has 90,000+ followers), doing on air commentary on programs like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and, will release his debut adult non-fiction book for Penguin Random House in 2022 entitled More of This Please: Sikh Wisdom for the Soul. Audiences are disarmed by Simran’s humor and inspired by his hopeful vision for a more loving, peaceful world.

If we can learn to see the humanity in those who seem most different from us, then we can learn to see the humanity in everyone we meet.
--Dr. Simran Jeet Singh

Simran is so effective because his anti-racist work centers on empathy and humility. His approach isn't one of prescribed answers, but rather engagement centered on deep listening with the objective to truly learn from the experience of others.
--Zeenat Rahma, The Aspen Institute


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