Tiq Milan


There’s no mincing words: The world is a far better place because Tiq Milan is in it. As an advocate for the LGBT community and a mentor to Black youth for over a decade, this thought leader is recognized as one of the leading voices for transgender equality today. Tiq began his advocacy work doing direct services as an educator and mentor in the Bronx and at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, home to the only all-LGBT high school in the country, Harvey Milk High. Today, he serves as a spokesperson for GLAAD and a strategic media consultant, creating initiatives like the This is Luv campaign, which highlighted narratives of love and support in Black families for their LGBT loved ones.

Tiq been recognized by the BET Network, Ebony Magazine, and MTV, and has won several awards for his media advocacy work. He’s also a contributing author to Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, and is the Co-Chair for the LGBT taskforce of the National Association of Black Journalists. Tiq speaks at conferences, colleges, and universities throughout the nation, creating an instant rapport with audiences as he paints a picture of a future where gender and sexuality are sites of liberation, not repression.

I’ve learned that manhood is deeply bruised at the smallest slight while pretending to be a pillar of strength and stoicism.
- Tiq Milan
It’s important to continue to create safe space for trans and gender nonconforming people to share their experiences and define themselves for themselves.
- Tiq Milan
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