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Fighting Sexism Left, Right, and Center – The reFRESH

Photo via The Wing Written by Jackson Bird.  This week has been high on the sexism and misogyny scale so we’ve got a round up of the week’s worst and best moments for women. What we’re checking out… Among the most deflating news this week was Louis CK’s attempted return to the spotlight and what that […]

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Reclaiming Our Time – The reFRESH

Image via Women’s March. Artwork by Iman Geddy. Written by Jackson Bird.  This week, we’re watching HRC share What Happened, learning about the larger impact of deportation, and reclaiming time for all women. What we’re checking out… The Emmy’s on Sunday were refreshingly dominated by people of color, women, and queer folks (if you haven’t watched […]

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The Weekly reFRESH: Serena The Great and The Invisible Man

Edited by Mara Meyers This week we’re sharing an incredible essay on partnership, a new exciting publication on Medium, and why no level of racism will ever strip Serena Williams of her greatness. What we’ve been checking out… As most millennials try to find a “work-life-balance” we can’t forget that this a struggle only the […]

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The Weekly reFRESH: SXSW’s boo-boo and examining ‘diversity’

This week, we’re sharing a new conference we love, disappointments in SXSW, and a hard look at the meaning of the word “diversity.” What we’ve been checking out… If no one can decide what “diversity” really means, we can’t expect to throw around the word and have good things magically happen. Check out this terrific […]

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The Weekly ReFRESH

In this week’s reFRESH, white feminism gets a smackdown, how tech is changing democracy, and more reasons to love Serena Williams (like we needed them). What we’ve been checking out… Seven bad habits of public speakers, and seven ways to kick them to the curb. White men are giving ‘Straight Outta Compton’ two thumbs up […]

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